October 04, 2012

Worked All Privince of China DX Contest 2012

Worked All Provinces(WAPC) of China DX Contest

Amateurs around
the world can work any other amateurs during the 24 hour contest period, while
contacts with Chinese provinces, municipal cities, autonomous regions, and
special administration zones are encouraged.
2.Contest Date
First Saturday of
October, within China’s
Golden Week national holidays.
The first WAPC
contest will be hold in 2012 Oct. 6, from 0000-2359 UTC.  A testing contest will be running on third
Saturday of  April, 2012, It is 21 April 2012 from 0000-2359UTC.logs and records will be filed but no awards will be
3.Bands and modes
In 5 amateur bands: 80-40-20-15-10 meter; WARC band excluded.CW, SSB, and the
mixed of the two modes.
Power limits are defined as following High, above 100 watts and up to legal limit of licensee;Low, 100 watts or less, while greater than 5 watts;QRP, 5 watts or less.The following categories are currently available:
Mixed all band; CW  all band; SSB all band.
Mixed 10 meter; Mixed 15 meter; Mixed 20 meter; Mixed 40 meter; Mixed 80 meter.
Mixed all band; CW all band; SSB all band.
Mixed 10 meter; Mixed 15 meter; Mixed 20 meter; Mixed 40 meter; Mixed 80 meter.
Mixed all band.
Remarks: No
multi-player category. A participant can operate and enter in multiple single
band categories. An all band participant will be automatically entered in each
single band category he worked, and competing with other single band
participants and be eligible for that single band award. Single band
participant operating other bands during the contest are encouraged to submit
their logs for more than one band to aid in the log-checking process.
5.  General Rules
5.1 Transmitters and receivers must be located within a 500-meter
diameter circle, or within the property limits of the station licensee’s
address. Antennas must be physically connected by wires to the transmitters and
5.1.1 All categories of
entrants are allowed to use packet and WEB clusters, skimmer, RBN etc.
5.1.2 Remote control of transmitting or receiving device is not allowed.
5.1.3 Self-spotting is not
allowed. Soliciting contacts by telephone, telex, internet, packet mail during
and before the contest is forbidden.
5.2 Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time.
5.2.1 Operating, logging,and spotting functions must be performed only by participant himself, any auxiliary transmitting or receiving from other operators is not allowed.
5.3 All mixed mode
participants can contact same station both on CW and SSB. IARU recommended
frequencies are encouraged for contest QSOs, cross mode QSO is not allowed.
Mixed all band QRP participants are encouraged to sign they call with the /QRP suffix.
Using CQ Bravo or CQ China as a shorthand to initiate your contest. For CW, using CQ  B.
Non-Chinese station: signal report with serial number, start from 001. eg. 59(9) + 001.
Chinese station: signal report with a two character shorthand forChina’s provinces
List of Chinese provinces, municipal cities,autonomous regions, and special administration zones(source from: China National standards series GB/T 2260-2007).
AHAnhui Sheng*1
BJ Beijing Shi*2
CQChongqing Shi
FJ Fujian Sheng
GD Guangdong Sheng
GS Gansu Sheng
GX Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu*3
GZ Guizhou Sheng
HAHenan Sheng
HB Hubei Sheng
HE Hebei Sheng
HIHainan Sheng
HK Hongkong Tebiexingzhengqu*4
HL Heilongjiang Sheng
HN Hunan Sheng
JL Jilin Sheng
JS Jiangsu Sheng
JX Jiangxi Sheng
LNLiaoning Sheng
MOMacau Tebiexingzhengqu
NM Nei Mongol Zizhiqu
NX Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu
QH Qinghai Sheng
SCSichuan Sheng
SDShandong Sheng
SHShanghai Shi
SN Shaanxi Sheng
SX Shanxi Sheng
TJ Tianjin Shi
TW Taiwan Sheng
XJ Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu
XZ Xizang Zizhiqu(Tibet)
YN Yunnan Sheng
ZJ Zhejiang Sheng
Municipal city
Autonomous region
Special Administration Zone, SAZ.
BS7 is considered in HI, BQ9 is considered in TW.
7. Calculating QSO points
For Chinese stations:
QSO with the 34 Chinese provinces, municipal cities, autonomous regions, and special
administration zones: 10 points QSO with other
Asian DXCC entity: 3 points. QSO with other
continent: 5 points.
For Non-Chinese stations:
QSO with Chinese station: 10 points.
QSO with same DXCC entity: 1 points.
QSO with different DXCC on your own continent: 3 points.
QSO with other continent: 5 points.
Marine and airborne mobile stations are not count as multiplier, but worth 5
point for any participant.
8.  Dupe
8.1 Dupes are contacts
made with the same station on the same band and mode. If the first contact
between stations is valid, dupes have 0 points value. If the first contact is
not valid, second (dupe) contact is accepted.
8.2 Dupe contacts are not
penalized; one does not have to mark them in the log submission. Moreover,
entrants are strictly recommended to leave DUPES in the log file. PLEASE DO NOT
9.  Multipliers
Two types of  multipliers are available, provincial and DXCC entity:
Provincial: Each different Chinese
provinces, municipal cities, autonomous regions and special administration
zones, contacted on each band, is counted as one(1) multiplier, despite of the modes
worked. That is, only 34 Chinese provincial multipliers are available on each
DXCC entity: Each different DXCC entity
contacted on each band, is counted as one(1) multiplier, despite of the modes
worked. BY, BV, VR2, XX9, BS7, BQ9 each count as one multiplier.
10. Total Scores
The total scores is the result of total QSO points multiplied by the sum of the
provincial and DXCC entity multipliers.
11. Log submission requirements
We need electronic contest logs!
11.1 Please submit your Cabrillo format contest log to this contest committee.
Using N1MM as a log tool is strongly encouraged. It is available at:
In case of a failed download, a new download site may be pointed in the contest rule page in :http://www.mulandxc.org
SD, a HF contest logger, is free and unrestricted in WAPC contest.
It can free download from  www.ei5di.com.
Also WINTEST can be used in WAPC though it works only in YO-DX mode this time, and the score may be not accurate. In cases of that WINTEST was used, the final score has to be re-calculated after we received the log.

11.2 Time in all the logs must be UTC.
11.3 Contest
log must include the contest exchanges, i.e. signal report with shorthand of
provinces, municipal cities, autonomous regions and special adminstration
zones, or serial numbers.
11.4 The file name of the contest log should be your_contest_callsign.log.
11.5 No paper log will be accepted.
11.6 If the submitted log can not be correctly convertied to the text format, it will be
treated as invalid.
11.7 The file
header of the submitted contest log must contain the intended categary and full
mail address including country name, this will be the address used for awards
and/or certifications.
11.8 Calculation
of the total scores is not necessary in the log, it will be officially
calculated by committee designated software.
12.Deadline of log submission
12.1 All logs have to be submitted before 31 Oct. 2012.
12.2 Logs can
be submitted via email: mulandxc@gmail.com. Make sure the contest call and
category is included in the subject line.
13. Awards
13.1 Chinese participants: A certificate of first, second, and third place in Bravo land
will be issued to each categories list in section 4.
Non-Chinese participants: A first place certificate will be issued for each
categaries in each country.
13.3 Amateurs
who worked all 34 Chinese provinces, municipal cities, autonomous regions and
special adminstration zones within one contest, will receive a special WAP
award. Amateurs who worked all 34 Chinese provinces, municipal cities,
autonomous regions and special adminstration zones outside of contest, is
eligible for WAPC award. WAPC awards progrom details will be announced soon.
Following penalties are counted as triple good QSO points.
*incorrectly logged calls(bad call)
*incorrectly logged exchange numbers
*QSO not in other station’s log(NIL)
QSO is neither counted nor penalized for the following:
*other station incorrectly logged entrant’s call
*other station incorrectly logged entrant’s exchange number
*QSO time in entrant’s log and other station’s log difference is more than 3 minutes
*QSO bands or modes in entrant’s log and other station’s log differ.
*dupe QSO which is not in the other station’s log.
15. This rule is made by Mulan DX Club.  Awards infomation will be published after
each year’s Spring festival on club website:http://www.mulandxc.org. Mulan DX
Club’s decision is final.

Full Information :   Mulan DXC

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