September 25, 2009


PACIFIC TOUR ---> Hrane, YT1AD and Miki, YU1DW will be travelling to a few
Pacific islands between 30 September and 8 October as follows:

30 September-1 October KH8/N9YU (QSL via YT1AD) American Samoa
2-3 October 5W8A (YT1AD) and 5W0DW (YU1DW) Samoa
4-6 October 3D2AD (YT1AD) and 3D2DW (YU1DW) Fiji
6-8 October T30M (YT1AD) and T30W (YU1DW) Western Kiribati

The main reason for this trip is to prepare all necessary documents for the
expedition to T31,ZK3 and FW8 in September-October 2010

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