May 20, 2009

CQWPX2008 Award

Lots of people who enter the WPX contest would love to receive a certificate for their efforts. Unfortunately, it is too expensive to mail one to everyone, so we have had to limit providing certificates just to those who won their region and category. I am pleased to announce that all participants of the WPX Contest SSB/CW for 2007-2008 can now download electronic versions of their certificates in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

The new electronic certificates enable you to print out your certificate on your own color printer. Simply go to the on-line searchable score database and search for your score. Then click on the [cert] link to generate the pdf file. Your browser may pop-up a security warning, which you will need to accept, before the file will download to your computer.

All electronic certificates include the operator list, category, score, and country ranking. An additional ranking is included for scores in the world top 50 for the entrant's category.

Special thanks to Tom Morrison, K5TM, for his assistance in the programming to enable the new certificates. With so many variations of calls and categories, please let me know if you find anything that doesn't look right.

Randy Thompson, K5ZD

Director - CQ WPX Contest

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