April 29, 2009


What's 8J1M ?

8J1M is a special event station that related to maebashi city. A lot of hams will participate in this operation.

What's event ?

A part, chieifly welfare, of the authority of the administration was transferred to Maebashi City as " The core city " by the prefectural government on April 1, 2009.
We congratulate that Maebashi City is graded to " The core city ", and operate the special radio Station " 8J1M"

Called "The core city " means one of the political systems of Japan,
The population is 300,000 people or more and municipalities to which administrative affairs in the welfare were transferred by the government.


About 8J1M

1.Station and Schedule

8J1M is managed by the JARL Gunma branch, and QRV from April 1st, 2009 until July 12, 2009.

8J1M will be active mainly from various places in Gunma Prefecture.

Licensed 1.8 MHz to 430MHz 50W

2. QSL information

The all QSLcards will be sent to the JARL bureau regardless of the claim from you.

NO need send us your QSL card.

Please be patient in a couple of month.

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