March 21, 2009


VK9GMW, Mellish Reef

VK9GMW will be operating from Mellish Reef (VK9M) between March 22 and April 6, 2009.

The operation will have a strong low-band focus, although VK9GMW will operate on all HF bands.

QSL info :

Mailing address:
Tamas Pekarik
Alagi ut 15.
H-2151 Fot

Direct QSL:
Unfortunately the traditional "green stamp" -- i.e. US $ 1.00 -- no longer covers the cost of international postage. To cover the expense of QSL-ing, please include $2 with every direct QSL request for up to three cards per envelope.

If at all possible, please do not use IRC coupons. They are difficult to use and about 30% of their value is lost. If you must send a coupon, please make sure that it is not expired or is not about to expire.

Please be patient, as it will take us time to design and print the QSL cards.

The log will be placed onto the LOTW.

After VK9GMW has gone QRT, we will launch an Online QSL Request Service (OQRS) on our website. If you want to receive your QSL via the bureau, please use that form to request the card. We will check your QSOs against the log and send your card to you via the bureau. This method will allow us faster processing, helps us protect the environment and you will recieve your VK9GMW card faster.

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